Since the day I learnt how to read a new world was opened to me. New stories, the chance to imagine beyond my reality, the opportunity to think and rethink, to explore new ideas, to contrast different perspectives and, above all, the pleasure of reading. During my childhood, and still, I have had such an uncountable number of fulfilling experiences: from Siddharta to La celestina. From René Goscinny to Gianni Rodari’s books, my favourite ones when I was a child. From Roald Dahl to Charles Dickens or Oscar Wilde. All my reading experiences have been somehow rewarding and all of them have helped me to think and become the person I am today. Reading expands our horizons so we can see the world from a wider point of view. I feel proud of all the time that I have spent reading as a child, countless hours… worthwhile.

Not only that, I have also learnt languages by reading books, so I can only say wonderful things about reading.

What book are you reading or planning to read?

Share your readings!

I will also share mines to encourage others so… stay tuned!