About the others and me

How well do you know your classmates and yourself?

Students will be challenged to know more about themselves and their classmates through different activities and guessing games. They will have to write and reflect about themselves and describe their classmates. Then, the writings will be mixed and they will have to figure out who is who. Finally, a video about a personal reflection will be created explaining what they would like to improve and what they really like about themselves and why. After sharing all videos, they will choose one personality aspect of each student to highlight and write it in each student’s card in a creative way so each student will have a personal card with all comments on it. They will share her/his card in a Padlet as a collaborative activity

Use of English: have/has got, her/his, close questions (yes/no), verb + -ing, present simple (first & third person of the singular) will appear along the unit.

Number of sessions: 15