Zero Waste Life

How well do you know about living a zero waste life?

Students will be challenged to organise a zero waste showroom day with different proposals related to the topic. They will record a podcast, write/illustrate a comic, write a song, make a piece of artwork, create a documentary, an infographic or elaborate an advertising campaign to help people become more aware of the situation. The students will be gathered in groups of interests and choose the activity that interest them the most. Each group will do a specific activity in a collaborative way, as the final product (showroom) will be affected for the work done by all groups. All works will be gathered in a Google Sites as a collaborative activity that will be publish in the school website. The zero waste day will be held in during the green day school project and will be shared with other classes in a showroom where every group will perform, share or show its own expression/creation.

Use of English: first conditional, adjectives. Content: vocabulary, types of texts. 

Number of sessions: 15